Substitute [Kurt/Blaine, feat. Bruce] G


5x17 “Opening Night” reaction fic.

Fast forward a few months and Kurt and Blaine are married, living together, and all is well in Kurt’s world.  Except he has the flu and there’s only one fix when Blaine’s away: a certain boyfriend pillow named Bruce.

Sick!Kurt.  Married!Klaine.  Fluff, fluff, fluff.  Katelyn prompted a reaction fic where Blaine walks in on Kurt with Bruce, and I wrote this and realized that it fit the prompt pretty well, so this is for my darling Katelyn.


Also available on ffnet.

~1,300 words

Kurt didn’t need Bruce often after Blaine moved back in. 

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"Glee" Ratings Return to Series Low for "Opening Night"

Tuesday’s “Opening Night” edition of “Glee” slipped slightly in adults 18-49.

The episode, which averaged 2.49 million viewers, slipped to a 0.9 adults 18-49 rating. That ties the show’s series low mark in the ad-friendly demographic.

Once again, “Glee” lost viewers as the episode progressed. After opening to a 1.0 with 2.66 million viewers from 8-8:30PM, it fell to a 0.9 with 2.32 million in the latter half hour.